To be a leading provider in the Renewable, Oil & Gas and Power Industry Sectors.

Providing our customers with seamless integrated support across all their needs, generating value and long term relationships. Along with innovation, certainty and confidence and in so doing, help to assist in the world’s transition towards a low carbon future.​

Why Correll

  • As a group, been working in the wind sector for over 20 years, 10 years offshore​
  • Geographical spread, and growing​
  • Proven track record, operationally and safety​
  • Breadth of services​
  • Qualified and experienced team, over 500 technicians​
  • Dynamic and easy to work with​
  • Investment in training & R&D​

Enabled by ​

  • Growing our services and increasing our geographical footprint.  ​
  • Investing in people and culture​
  • Never compromising on safety or quality​
  • Project and operational excellence​
  • Innovations for new technology, efficiency and solutions​
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