Our guiding principles are based on values towards which we gear our entrepreneurial activity and success. These values are the basic principles we follow in the collaboration with our employees, business partners and society.


The welfare of our employees is extremely important to us which is why safety has the highest priority in all work processes. We can only establish a partnership with employees and business partners based on trust if we comply with extremely rigorous safety standards.

The Correll Group are committed to enforcing Health and Safety into all aspects of our company structure and regard effective health, safety and management control as an integral part of our company ethos. We are dedicated to meeting the responsibility of the health and safety of others around us and work under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

We are also accredited by OHSAS 18,001. This means that our policies in safety are reviewed and updated regularly in order to focus on our continual improvement as a company.

Environmental Awareness

We strive to achieve harmony between ecology and economy: our aim is to operate efficiently and achieve growth using energy sources that protect the climate and are kind to the environment.

We have numerous policies in place concerning the protection of the environment, and we recognise both the importance of the prevention of pollution and the benefit of avoiding the greater cost of rectifying damage after the event. Correll undertake to comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Our commitment to the environment works on the basis of the accreditation ISO 14,001 and is demonstrated through regular internal and external assessments of the way that we, as a company, approach our work.


Integrity is not only an integral part to our external employee and client dealings, it is also our for most important philosophy within our company morals internally. We have offices in the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA which means dealing with colleagues from various locations gives us the vital relationship building and communication skills that is vital for success in client and employee liaisons.

We demonstrate integrity in our partner-like dealings with all of our employees and business partners. We treat people as equals and want the values and interests of all parties involved to be taken into account in decisions. We strive for sustainable business relationships with employees and business partners and make sure that problems are resolved through respectful dialogue.

Our people

The continual safety of all of our personnel and external contractors who are involved in our work is extremely important to us.

We create a safe working environment through our intensive training courses and comprehensive safety policy, and we strive for these same values in our partnerships with clients, suppliers and subcontractors – both locally and international.

Training and retraining our employees in the ever changing applicable rules and procedures ensures that we can maintain operational control during any high-risk activities.

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