Cable Installation and Power Services

​Specialising in delivering cable pull-in solutions or turnkey packages for both cable pull-in and termination and testing services.

Our experience enables us to design, build and execute cable pull-in systems for either export cables or inter-array cables within the renewable wind industry.

We also offer bespoke temporary power and refuelling solutions at short notice to protect the integrity of the offshore assets during repairs or planned O&M periods, along with a range of optional support packages and the provision of consultancy manpower.


Whether project works are onshore, offshore renewable energy or offshore, oil & gas, our services are delivered in a safe, efficient and reliable operation.

Regardless of where your requirements are in the world. Correll Services can provide exceptional project support and delivery with the following activities.

Cable Installation – Offshore

Our experienced team of industry professionals are able to provide a range of services including;

  • IAC cable installation
  • Export cable installation
  • AC repairs/replacements
  • FO cable replacements
  • Cable stripping teams
  • Engineering & design for lifting operations
  • Mini ROV survey works / data collection
  • Messenger line installation
  • Temporary hang-off installations
  • Bespoke packages for reporting and delivering "As built documentation"
  • In house mechanical & electrical engineering
  • Turnkey packages for cable installation, termination & test, and commissioning.

Cable Installation – Onshore

Extensive experience in performing underground cable installations for onshore wind campaigns.

  • Beach pulls
  • Engineering & civils
  • Onshore windfarm installations
  • Messenger line installations
  • Bellmouth installations

Power Services – Offshore

Our team provide temporary power and engineering solutions for the offshore wind industry including:

  • Bespoke Temporary Power Solution Packages
  • CTV Charters & Refuelling Programs
  • Engineering & Design for Lifting Operations
  • Fleet of marinised 30Kva generators which will support and reduce the carbon emissions with a SWL of 750Kg
  • Engineering Design & Fabrication of modular set ups to interface with different types of Transition Pieces
  • Experienced technicians for servicing, repairs and maintenance.

Supporting Services

With our best in class technical teams, we are able to support with all levels of complimentary services including:

  • Secondary Works & Inspections (including small LV works)
  • Walk Downs & Reporting of the Transition Pieces
  • Bolt replacements packages within the TP using Hydraulic tooling
  • Confined Space & Rescue packages.
  • Guano Cleaning Teams
  • A large depth of experienced Correll management and technicians.
  • Consultancy & Client Reps

Cable Installation & Power Services Meet our Team

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LS Cables Greater Changhua Singapore

LS Cables – Greater Changhua (Singapore) 2 x Onshore Substations – December 2020 to Present – 154, 66kV terminations and 16, 230kV terminations.   Correll Services has been awarded a fifth contract associated with an offshore windfarm located in the Taiwan Strait, we are delighted to continue our involvement in the Taiwan market and integrate local…

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Global Offshore – Block Island OWF Cable Repair

Global Offshore – Block Island OWF Cable Repair - August 2020 to Present – 1 Export Subsea Cable Global Offshore approached CS to support them with HV and FO services associated with the Block Island cable repair/replacement project in the USA. This is the second…

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Sumitomo/RevElie – Akita & Noshiro OWF (Mockup)

Sumitomo/RevElie – Akita & Noshiro OWF (Mockup) – November 2020 to December 2020   CS were approached to support them with cable pull in, HV and FO services associated with the mock-up in Belgium for the Akita & Noshiro OWF that will be installed in Japan. The purpose of the mock-up is to identify interfaces at this stage to prevent major delays offshore. The European experience was influential and…

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Global Offshore – Kriegers Flak OWF

Global Offshore – Kriegers Flak OWF - February 2020 to Present – 72 Array Subsea Cables  Global Offshore has awarded a contract to CS for the completion of HV and FO termination and testing works on the Kriegers Flak project.  In addition to working on the inter array cables between WTG’s, we shall also be performing jointing modification works on two offshore substations. …

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Jan De Nul – Changhua Demonstration (TPC) Offshore Wind Farm

Jan De Nul – Changhua Demonstration (TPC) Offshore Wind Farm – November 2019 to Present – 23 Array & 4 Export Cables  Following the successful delivery of the Formosa 1 (phase 2) OWF in Taiwan, CS was delighted that Jan De Nul once again chose our company to complete the subsea cable termination & testing works on the second OWF being constructed in Taiwan waters. …

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Seaway Offshore Cables – Costal Virginia (USA) OWF

Seaway Offshore Cables – Costal Virginia (USA) OWF - February 2020 to September 2020 – 2 Array and 1 Export cable  Correll Services is delighted to have been awarded a contract for the Cable Pull-in, Termination & Testing on such…

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ORE Catapult – GE Haliade-X

ORE Catapult – GE Haliade-X 66kV OWT – February 2020   CS was the first company to train HV technicians in the use of Tyco Electrical 66kV components.  As a consequence of this achievement, CS was approached by ORE Catapult/GE to complete in-line jointing and…

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Global Offshore – DanTysk OWF Cable Repair

Global Offshore – DanTysk OWF Cable Repair – February 2020 to March 2020 – 1 Array Cable   Global Offshore approached CS to support them with HV and FO services associated with the Dan Tysk cable repair/replacement project.  We were responsible for the Termination…

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Seaway Offshore Contractors – 66kV Pre-Qualification Termination & Jointing Activities

Seaway Offshore Contractors – 66kV Pre-Qualification Termination & Jointing Activities – June 2019 to February 2020  CS was engaged by SOC to carry out the installation of four different manufacturers HV products being considered for use on a OWF being constructed in Taiwan.  The 66kV cable termination works…

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Jan De Nul – Formosa 1 (Phase 2) Offshore Wind Farm

Jan De Nul – Formosa 1 (Phase 2) Offshore Wind Farm – January 2019 to October 2019 - 17 Array and 3 Export Cables  Correll Services was delighted that Jan De Nul selected our company to complete the termination & testing on the first major offshore wind farm in waters around Taiwan.  On the project, CS was responsible for:  Pre-project meetings  Site visits  Creations…

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Global Marine Systems – Shetland Islands

Global Marine Systems - Shetland Islands – February 2019 to September 2019 – 3 Subsea to Land Cables  Correll Services was contracted by Global Marine Systems to complete cable jointing and testing works on the subsea and land cables between island’s in Shetland.  The works included:  Fabrication of project RAM’s  Conducting project meetings  Post load out testing,   Time Domain…

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Briggs Marine – Various Inter Island Export Cables

Briggs Marine – Various Inter Island Export Cables around Scotland & Transformer Inspections – May 2019 to August 2019  Correll Services was contracted to Briggs Marine to complete cable jointing and testing works on the subsea cables between island’s in and around the Scottish Western Isles.  The works included:  Fabrication of project RAM’s  Conducting project meetings  VLF Testing …

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Briggs Marine – Burbo Bank OWF Export Cable

Briggs Marine – Burbo Bank OWF Export Cable – April 2019  Correll Services was contacted and mobilised at very short notice to fault find on a subsea export cable.  Utilising four HV/FO testing technicians working from each end of the cable, we successfully located the fault 20-25 metres outside the onshore substation.  We completed the fault-finding process using the following equipment:  Bridge…

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Siem Offshore Contractors – Hornsea OWF

Siem Offshore Contractors – Hornsea OWF - September 2018 to April 2019  Correll Services was contracted to Seaway Offshore Cables (SOC) to provide support with four HV/FO project engineers, performing the following activities:  Project procedures and handover documentation  Cable pull assistance and supervision on the TP’s and OSS …

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Vattenfall – Aberdeen OWF

Vattenfall – Aberdeen OWF - February 2018 to July 2018  Correll Services was contracted by Vattenfall to provide expertise on one of the first 66kV Offshore Wind Farms.  We at CS felt privileged to be awarded the contract by a world leader within the industry.  Our remit was to ensure the subcontractor delivered a first-class installation and…

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CJS – Mariner Rig

CJS – Mariner Rig – March 2018 – April 2018  Correll Services was contracted to CJS and provided support with the following activities on the Mariner Platform:  Routing of HV cables on the platform  Perform cable jointing works  Perform post installation cable…

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CJS – Ford Innovation Factory

CJS – Ford Innovation Factory – March 2018  Correll Services was contracted to complete the following works at the Ford Innovation Factory based in Basildon:  Spiking of 11kV cables  Preparation of joint pit  Cable preparation & jointing of 11kV Raychem straight through joints…

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