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Seaway Offshore Cables – Yunlin OWF – February 2020 to Present – 81 Array and 12 Export Subsea Cables

Correll Group, Electrical Engineering Division (CEE) was awarded a third contract associated with an offshore windfarm located in the Taiwan Strait, an endorsement which firmly establishes our reputation and position in a global market.  Yunlin consists of 80 WTG’s and is the first 66kV OWF to be constructed in the region. CEE was fully involved in the Type-Testing & Pre-Qualification processes conducted at the array and export cable manufacturers facilities in Japan and South Korea respectively.

Summary of work included:

  • Pre-project meetings
  • Site visits
  • Type-Testing & Pre-Qualification of 66kV cables at manufacturers facilities
  • Creation of associated documentation
  • Project HIRA meetings
  • Mock-up trials
  • Mobilisation of PPE & tools via a 20ft container
  • Visa & Work Permit applications
  • Post Lay Testing (continuity, insulation resistance, Time Domain Reflectometry and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry).

On the offshore assets:

  • Tower mobilisation and preparation
  • Route the HV and FO cable into the TP/WTGS
  • Cleat the HV cores from the hang-off to the GIS
  • Terminate and splice the FO cable into the cabinet
  • Terminate power cores (66kV) into the GIS
  • Complete post installation testing from the onshore substation to the offshore asset (VLF, IR, TDR & OTDR)
  • Deliver an Inspection and Test Plan of the installed and tested system, forming part of key payment milestone.

For further information contact Peter Dinsdale, Business Lead, Electrical Engineering: peterdinsdale@correllservices.com 


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