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Siemens – Yunlin OWF – June 2023 to July 2023

Correll High Voltage Management (HV-M) have been requested to supply 66kV Authorised Persons (APs) / High Voltage (HV) Technicians to carry out the annual HV service campaign.  The AP will be responsible for carrying out the HV isolations and earthing on the Siemens 8VM1 switchgear.

The AP will then issue a Safety document and carry out the 66kV transformer maintenance works.  


Synera Renewable Energy – Formosa 1 – April 2023 to May 2023

Correll HV-M were requested to supply a 33kV Special Authorised Person (SAP) to carry out the annual HV service campaign.

This involves carrying out high voltage isolations, earthing and carrying out the HV service works on the Wind Turbine Generator’s (WTG’s).


Vattenfall – Kriegers Flak OWF – July 2022 to September 2022

Correll HV-M was delighted to be contracted by Vattenfall to assist in the supply of a Person in Control of Electrical Installation (PCEI) for the annual HV Maintenance campaign.

The PCEI will carry out HV isolations, earthing, and the issue of safety documents.


Orsted – Burbo Bank Onshore Transformer Maintenance – October 2021

Correll HV-M was contracted to Orsted to provide AP’s to conduct the inspection and replacement of a transformer leak at the onshore 33kV transformer.

For further information contact Will Sharrock, Head of HV-Management: willsharrock@correllservices.com


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