Senvion – Nordergrunde OWF – October 2016 to February 2017

Correll HV-M was contracted to CWind to provide termination, testing and commissioning activities on Senvion owned assets on the Nordegrunde OWF.  Correll engaged a project team of 8 specialist jointers, testers and commissioning engineers to perform the following activities:

  • Pre-projects meetings
  • Pre-projects Documentation, Procedures and RAMS
  • Cable terminations on the 33Kv transformer, NKT CB 36-630
  • Continuity, VLF and PD testing on the offline 33KV switchgear to transformer cable
  • Secondary injection testing on the REF 630 relay system for the CT commissioning
  • Commissioning works on the ABB ZX0.2 Switchgear & Switching activities
  • Issue ITS as part of client request and payment milestones.

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