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Jan De Nul – Princes Amalia OWF Cable Repair – October 2021 to January 2022 – Array Cable Pull-in, Termination & Testing

Jan De Nul approached Correll to support them with the Cable Pull, HV and FO services associated with the Princes Amalia cable repair/replacement project.  Correll were responsible for the Termination & Testing of the IAG cables between Wind Turbine Generators, including:

  • Mobilising 20 Technicians and 2 Offshore Installation Manager
  • Pre-project meetings
  • Procurement of High Voltage and Fibre Optical materials
  • Site visits
  • Creation of RAMS
  • Creation of quality documentation
  • Project HIRA meetings
  • Post Lay Testing (continuity, insulation resistance, Time Domain Reflectometry and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry).
  • On the offshore assets:
    • Cutting of existing array cables ready for extraction
    • Cable Pull operation.
    • Stripping the array cables to expose the HV cores and FO cable
    • Complete the permanent hang-off
    • Route the HV and FO cable into the OSS/WTGS
    • Cleat the HV cores from the hang off to the GIS
    • Terminate and splice the FO cable into the cabinet
    • Terminate power cores into the GIS
    • Deliver an Inspection and Test Plan for the installed and tested system, forming part of key payment milestone.
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