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GE – Dogger Bank OWF – June 2022 to December 2023

Correll HV Management Division (HV-M) was engaged by GE to conduct High Voltage (HV) cable tests on the 66kV cable linking the GIS switchgear and Junction box. The objective was to verify the electrical integrity of the cable before it is transported for offshore use in the Dogger Bank project.

Correll successfully provided the HVA 120 VLF test set and the corresponding EPR test lead. The team installed all necessary earthing on-site and performed an earth resistance test in accordance with EU regulations.

Subsequently, the team conducted phase identification, Insulation Resistance tests, and a 72.5kV VLF test to ensure the cable’s suitability for its intended purpose. Upon completing the 72.5kV VLF test, the team generated and provided test reports to the client.


GE – Dogger Bank OWF – July 2023 to December 2023

Correll HVM was contracted to carry out 72.5kV VLF testing on the transformer cable at all assets for Dogger Bank A Offshore Windfarm.

This scope was very similar to the onshore VLF testing works.

The team worked from the offshore SOV to carry out the cable testing works. Upon completing the 72.5kV VLF test, the team generated and provided test reports to the client.


Siemens – NNG OWF – February 2023 to Present

Correll HVM to supply a team of High Voltage Technicians to carry out 8VM1 commissioning works which includes the clean air filling and secondary injection testing.


Siemens – NNG OWF – June 2023 to Ongoing

Correll HV-M deployed a team of 66kV High Voltage Technicians for the execution of topside cable works.

The scope of these activities encompasses a comprehensive range of tasks, including the termination of 66kV cables to both transformers and switchgear, cable routing, and thorough testing procedures.


For further information contact Will Sharrock, Head of HV-Management: willsharrock@correllservices.com


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