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GE Grid – Saint Nazaire, Fecamp, Courseulles OWF’s – December 2023 to January 2024

SPIE Industries carried out the Oil Sampling on the main transformers at 33kV/225kV 280MVA on Saint Nazaire, Fecamp and Courseulles OWF’s for GE Grid.

Oil treatment was subcontracted to a partner, however the SPIE team was heavily involved in the complete operation to assisted their partner.

SPIE also conducted Oil Sampling on the Hitachi Transformers ABB – 0.2MVA – 33/0.84/0.4kV, which were stored as spare parts for the HAL-150 E-stack.

SPIE Industries was responsible for the following activities: 

  • Preparation for activities
  • RAMS (special care for leakage and waste management)
  • Digital reports preparation for inspection with tablets or phones : aim is to be more efficient and produce instantaneous reports,
  • Waterproof check
  • Global visual inspection ( painting, cleanliness)
  • Protection TR Check : Buchholz, oil level
  • Control & check of valve positioning
  • Dryer Check the and silica gel replacement
  • Electrical test:
    • Insulation resistance under 5dVdc:
    • PH Primary/earth
    • Primary PH/ Secondary PH
    • Primary PH / Tertiary PH
    • Secondary PH/earth
    • Tertiary/earth pH
    • Primary/Secondary transformation ratio on the 5 positions of the CPH.T.
  • Oil sampling and analysis in the laboratory:
    • Dielectric strength
    • Water content
    • DGA.
  • Oil refuelling with new oil type MIDEL 7131:
    • Ground circuit check
    • Overall cleaning
    • Applying a revision tag.
  • Withdrawal from the construction site:
    • Site cleaning
    • Reception breakpoint in the presence of the customer
    • Site closure
    • Return of Work Orders.
  • Submission of final reports within 3 weeks:
    • Photo folder
    • Intervention report.


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