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Jan De Nul – Changhua Demonstration (TPC) Offshore Wind Farm – November 2019 to October 2021 – 23 Array & 4 Export Cables 

Following the successful delivery of the Formosa 1 (phase 2) OWF in Taiwan, CS was delighted that Jan De Nul once again chose our company to complete the subsea cable termination & testing works on the second OWF being constructed in Taiwan waters.  To support this and future projects in the region, Correll Group has opened an operation in Taiwan, staffed by Branch Manager Ray Tsao and Project Coordinator Fiona Su We shall be investing in the community in terms of training local operatives and development of a regional supply chain 

On the Changhua project, Correll Group, Electrical Engineering Division was responsible for: 

  • Pre-project meetings 
  • Site visits 
  • Creations of RAMS 
  • Procurement of HV & FO Materials 
  • Mock-up trials at Switchgear and TP manufacturers facilities in Japan and South Korea respectively.  
  • Creation of quality documentation 
  • Project HIRA meetings 
  • Post Lay Testing (continuity, insulation resistance, Time Domain Reflectometry and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry). 
  • Onshore export cable stripping and routing 
  • Onshore export jointing of the HV & FO cables 
  • On the 21 offshore assets: 
    • Stripping the export cables to expose the HV cores and FO cable 
    • Stripping the array cables to expose the HV cores and FO cable 
    • Complete the permanent hangoff 
    • Route the HV and FO cable into the TP/WTGS 
    • Cleat the HV cores from the hangoff to the GIS  
    • Terminate and splice the FO cable into the cabinet 
    • Terminate three power cores into the GIS 
    • Complete post installation testing from the onshore substation to the offshore assets (VLF, IR, TDR & OTDR) 
    • Deliver an Inspection and Test Plan for the installed and tested system, forming part of key payment milestone. 


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