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Global Offshore – Kriegers Flak OWF – February 2020 to Present – 72 Array Subsea Cables 

Global Offshore has awarded a contract to CS for the completion of HV and FO termination and testing works on the Kriegers Flak project.  In addition to working on the inter array cables between WTG’s, we shall also be performing jointing modification works on two offshore substations.  The summary of work includes: 

  • Pre-project meetings 
  • Site visits 
  • Mockup trials 
  • Creations of RAMS 
  • Project HIRA meetings 
  • Mobilisation of PPE, tools & test equipment via a 20ft container. 
  • Post Lay Testing (continuity, insulation resistance, Time Domain Reflectometry and Optical Time Domain Reflectometry). 
  • On the offshore assets: 
    • Tower mobilisation and preparation 
    • Stripping the export cable to expose HV cores and fibre optical cable 
    • Stripping the array cables to expose HV cores and fibre optical cable 
    • Complete the permanent hangoff 
    • Route the HV and FO cable into the TP/WTGS 
    • Cleat the HV cores from the hang off to the GIS  
    • Terminate and splice the FO cable into the cabinet 
    • Terminate power cores into the GIS 
    • Complete post installation testing from the offshore substation to the WTG asset (VLF, IR, TDR & OTDR) 
    • Deliver an Inspection and Test Plan of the installed and tested system, forming part of key payment milestone. 


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