Correll Services has an in-house training facility at our head quarters in Skelton, England for HV.​

At our training facility, we have created a bespoke mock-up training area, enabling our technicians to become familiar and competent with installation and maintenance systems prior, during and on-completion of a project.​

Our set –up includes:​

  • Siemens 33kV Gas Insulated Switchgear (3 cubicles)​
  • HV cabling (subsea, XLPE, EPR)​
  • Hang-off systems​
  • Containment​
  • Mock transformer bushings​
  • Gantry levels (as found on TP’s & WTG’s)​
  • Cable pulling equipment​
  • Fibre optical cables​
  • Fibre optical junction box (with cassettes & bulk-heads)​

Having the Siemens GIS equipment as part of our set-up, enables us to train our technicians on other switchgear related activities.​

  • Switching operations (circuit breaker, disconnector & earthing)​
  • Secondary injection testing​
  • With the subsea and transformer cables connected to the GIS, we can simulate conditions to train our technicians in the following techniques:​
  • Insulation Resistance testing​
  • Sheath testing​
  • TDR testing​
  • Very Low Frequency testing​
  • Partial Discharge testing​
  • Optical Time Domain testing​

Further developments and offering are planned in 2021, with the addition of blade, quality and project training

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