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Sumitomo/RevElie – Akita & Noshiro OWF (Mockup) – November 2020 to December 2020  

CS were approached to support them with cable pull in, HV and FO services associated with the mock-up in Belgium for the Akita & Noshiro OWF that will be installed in JapanThe purpose of the mock-up is to identify interfaces at this stage to prevent major delays offshore. The European experience was influential and provided a great insight to the Japanese at the beginning of the OWF construction. CS were responsible for the following,  

  • Reviewing associated cable pull and termination and testing documentation. 
  • Mobilising 4 Technicians  
  • Pre-project meetings 
  • Set up pre rig equipment for the cable pull in 
  • Preventative housekeeping measures 
  • Pulling the cable into the asset 
  • Stripping the demo subsea cable to expose the HV cores and fibre optical cable 
  • Complete the permanent hang off 
  • Route the HV and FO cable into the asset 
  • Install transit blocks around the HV core and FO cable 
  • Cleat the HV cores from the hang off to the GIS  
  • Terminate and splice the FO cable into the cabinet 
  • Terminate three power cores into the GIS 
  • Complete post installation report and highlighting potential issues 
  • Attending a post mock up meeting 
  • Advise the client of any tools and equipment required for the offshore campaign.  
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