Correll Blade Services (CBS) is a technical blade company specialising in inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

We are Trailblazers

CBS is lef by a team of industry experts who combine their wealth of experience with new ways of thinking to develop new ways of working.

Our research and development capabilities allow us to get creative and push boundaries to improve outcomes and boost results for all our customers with minimal risk.

We are Customer Focussed

Our team of engineers are known for delivering efficient major complex blade repairs, as well as providing outstanding customer service.

Highly skilled and experience, our turbine specialists easily adapt to the challenges and demands of working both onshore and offshore.

We are Futureproof

Make the biggest difference and be part of the change. Join us as we lead anc-revolution in the energy sector.

By reducing the cost of levelised wind energy and minimising downtime, we’re maximising the potential for wind turbines to be an even greener energy source for the planet.

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