Correll Blade Services

Correll Blades provide a range of wind turbine services including inspection, maintenance, servicing and blade repair. ​

Correll Blade Services is a technological blade IRM company offering value proposition to the wind industry. Created from a team of leading experts in their field, CBS has a strong ethos for thinking outside the box using R&D to implement proven technology and methods, to drive down the cost of wind turbine downtime and lead to the levelized cost of energy.  

Continually investing in R&D and remaining fully focused on serving our customers with the most cost-efficient long-term solutions the CBS team provides Planned & Preventive Blade IRM to our Clients driven by Safety, Quality and Efficiency. Through Operational excellence, tenacity and a One team mentality CBS can guarantee their clients optimal productivity increasing overall production maximising AEP. 


Whether project works are onshore, offshore renewable energy or offshore, oil & gas, our services are delivered in a safe, efficient and reliable operation.

Regardless of where your requirements are in the world. Correll Services can provide exceptional project support and delivery with the following activities.


Our skilled team is able to provide expert technical advice in range of areas of consultation including: blade data analysis, blade quality clients reps, planned rotor blade maintenance and client tender support.

Full Blade Campaigns

We are able to support , vessel provision and marine co-ordination with Principal contractor/designer responsibility under CDM regs. We can offer undertake full turnkey solutions for both onshore and offshore campaigns and end of warranty packages.

Internal & External Blade Inspections

Our team can provide expert analysis reporting including full integrity blade status & planned repair schedule. Whether this is ground based, platform or rope access, we have capabilities for all using UV Thermography Drones and Internal Crawler cameras.

Complex Repairs

With our best in class complex technical teams, we are able to support with all levels of internal and external damages including major structural and web crack repairs, laminate and inner core damage, manufacture faults, lightning damage and significant leading-edge erosion. We can also provide leading edge protection as a long term solution.

Rope Access

Within our expert teams, we have highly experienced IRATA qualified rope access blade teams. We can provide a reactive and reliable service using the latest equipment and tooling to maximise productivity safely.

Onshore & Offshore Blade Platform Provision

Our skilled and experienced platform teams are able to provide both onshore and offshore safe installation full RAMS.

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